i.d x-change Cuff's of Love Satin Cord ''Heart Cuffs'' Friendship Adjustable Gold Plated Bracelet. variety of colours. Mens/Women/Childrens.


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green satin cord heart cuffs of love unique bracelet.
Available in a range of colours. styles and sizes
Loved By Anyone Whose Ever Worn Them
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The size of the bracelet can be easily adjusted with sliding knots. so this piece will fit most wrists.
Every piece in the Cuffs of Love collection has a connection with love. Its a one of a kind creation that symbolizes and expresses the connection of love whether it be between friends. family or a romantic relationship. Available in a variety of colors of adjustable and interchangeable cords. to fit every man and woman's personal style and expression. family. and in relationships • interchangeable adjustable satin cords • Meaning Locked with Love How to take care of your Cuffs Of Love bracelet: Special care should be taken when wearing your Cuffs Of Love Jewellery. - Dropping your Jewellery on the floor could cause the item to break. This pertains especially to our sparkly and magnetite beads. - Vigorous activities can put your bracelet and beads under duress. - Excess exposure to water should be avoided. To ensure that your Idolise jewellery always looks at its best. take note of the following: - Rub each piece gently to clean. - Store separately from your other jewellery. - Do not use chemicals or toothpaste. Wearing your Cuffs Of Love: -All our Cuffs Of Love bracelets are fully adjustable. Link the 2 cuffs together. place the bracelet on your wrist and slide the KNOTS to create the correct size.